Birthdate: October 19, 1992

Team: USA



Kansas City, MO



Chula Vista, CA

World record time for 200m:


Paralympic Champion:


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Size: 10


Turned Pro: 8/2012

World Champion:


World record time for 100m:


Fastest blind man in the world since:



Height: 5'9"


Weight: 168lbs

David is the fastest blind man in the world and one of the best athletes and competitors in the history of the U.S. Paralympics. He is the current world record holder in the 100m and 200m events, two-time Paralympian, Paralympic champion, and a two-time world champion. He is the only totally blind athlete to ever run sub 11 seconds in the 100m and continues to set the bar higher for himself and those in his class.  


David has experienced great victory in the last several years but he didn't always feel victorious growing up. On January 19, 1994, at fifteen-months-old, David Brown was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, which is a rare disease which could cause swelling in the lymph nodes and attack an individuals inner organs - however in David's case, this disease affected his eyes which resulted in him developing glaucoma. At six-years-old after several eye surgeries in attempt to stabilize the sight he had, David's ability to see faded rather rapidly. 

When David was thirteen years old, the daunting reality he was hesitant to face was confirmed by his doctor at that time. He was told by his doctor that there was no longer any help they could render for his sight and David began to feel like all hope was lost until he was encouraged to develop a new vision for his future.



In 2004, David's family moved to St. Louis where he attended Missouri School for the Blind. It was while attending this school where he was introduced to the sport of track. David was remarkably quick, a natural born athlete many would say and was recognized by his coach, for his amazing speed. In 2008, David was selected out of several hundred applicants to attend the Beijing Experience where he was awarded an opportunity to attend the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, learn more about the organization and meet other athletes from sports. Upon his return home, David knew the Paralympics is where he wanted to be and he didn't stop chasing that dream until it became his reality. In 2011, David was named to the Para Pan American team and was later offered a full time housing and training opportunity at Chula Vista Olympic Training Center (now the Elite Training Center) in Chula Vista, California. In 2012, Daivd was named as one of the youngest blind competitors to join the Paralympic Team in London, England for the 2012 Paralympics Games. It was there in London, where David broke the American Records in both the 100m and 200m events and has since continued to medal and become a recognized athlete and champion in the world.

David currently has his sights set on competing in the 2019 World Para Athletic Championships in Dubai and the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. With training and focus being at the core, David is looking to make his third appearances at the World Para Athletic Championshhips and Paralympic Games where his goal is to win gold for the United States of America.